Publications and Presentations

Ready to publish your latest findings? I can help you put the pieces together and format everything for the journal of your choice.

✓ Manuscripts
✓ Abstracts
✓ Posters

Product Support

Grow your audience, generate brand awareness, and establish your expertise.

✓ Slide decks
✓ Standard response letters
✓ Literature searches
✓ White papers

Educational Materials

Keep medical providers informed about your product with accurate, well-referenced, and full-balanced content.

✓ Physician decks
✓ MSL speaker decks

Training modules

Present your data with visual appeal, consistency, and great story flow to both internal and external audiences.

✓ Sales team training
✓ MSL training

Scientific meetings

Educate your audience and keep up with the latest new findings.

✓ Conference/Congress coverage
✓ Advisory boards

Competitive Intelligence

Guide your market strategy with meaningful insights on key updates, pipeline developments, and emerging thinking

✓ Effective intelligence gathering
✓ Insightful reports

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